Currently, the demand for foreign tourists to Vietnam is increasing rapidly. In order to have a good trip, an important factor to ensure is a valid entry visa. Today, this article will help you learn about Vietnam tourist visas.

About tourist visa for Vietnam

Foreigners entering Vietnam for a leisure trip can apply for a tourist visa with the validity of 1 month or maximum of 3 months. Vietnam tourist visa has a symbol “DL” to distinguish it from other types of visa. Visitors can choose the single or multiple entry visa type.

Citizens of some countries are exempted from visa by the Vietnamese government if their stay does not exceed 15 (or 30) days (depending on each country as prescribed). Foreign visitors visiting Phu Quoc are also exempted from visa for 30 days.

What should be prepared to apply for a VN tourist visa?

Basically, the documents to prepare are:

  • Valid passport at least 6 months with 2 blank pages
  • Visa application form
  • Photos taken not more than 6 months

Other documents will vary case by case and the way to get the visa for Vietnam as well.

How to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa

In addition to the cases of visa exemption under regulations, the remaining subjects have 3 ways to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa:

1. Getting visa at the embassy

This is the most traditional way but it takes a lot of time. The advantage is that the visa is issued directly on the passport before departure, without the need for additional procedures upon arrival.

Processing time is 5 to 7 days. Fees range from $25 to $155 or more.

2. Applying for e-visa

The procedure is conducted through the Immigration Department’s website The advantage is that there is no effort to go to the embassy, but it only allows a single entry and only applies to citizens of 81 countries.

Processing time is about 3 working days. The fee for e-visa is $25 and nonrefundable in case of visa refusal.

3. Applying for visa on arrival

Detailed information: Vietnam visa upon arrival.

This form is popular with many tourists because of its simple, fast procedure and high success rate.

You go through an intermediary to apply for a visa approval letter and finally get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport. If you need a visa urgently, you should choose this option (of course, in these cases, the cost will be slightly higher).

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