The demand for traveling, working and visiting relatives of American citizens in Vietnam is increasing. Consequently, the demand for visa-related procedures has also increased. To meet that need, today’s article will introduce you to some information about the Vietnam embassy in the USA and how to apply for a visa at the embassy in the US.

Vietnam embassy & consulates in USA

Vietnam has 3 diplomatic missions in the US:

Vietnam Embassy in Washington D.C.

Address: 1233 20th Street N.W, Suite 400, Washington D.C.20036

Tel: + 001-202-8610737

Fax: + 001-202-8610917; 8611297

E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Consulate General of Vietnam in Texas, United States

Address: 5251Westheimer Road, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77056

Tel: + 001-713.850.1233; 7138771326; 7138400096

Fax number: + 001-713.871.0312; 7138100159

E-mail: [email protected]

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, USA

Address: 1700 California Street, Suite 580, San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel: + 1-0415-922-1707

Fax: + 1-0415-922-1848

E-mail: [email protected]

How to get visa at Vietnam embassy in USA

Vietnamese people with American citizenship or Americans who have a spousal relationship with Vietnamese nationals will be exempt from visa for a maximum period of 5 years. In other cases, a visa is required.

There are many ways to obtain Vietnam visas for US citizens: Get visa at embassies, e-visas, and visas on arrival. The most traditional way is to go to the embassy to proceed with the procedure.

The advantages of this method is that you will be given a visa right on your passport. However, the procedure is complicated, the cost is high and your application may be refused. The processing time is about 7 working days, if you have urgent requests, it will be difficult to meet.

Common procedure to get an embassy visa for Vietnam: You bring all the necessary prepared paperwork to the embassy. After checking, the embassy will collect the fee and return an appointment paper. After about 7 days, get your passport and visa (if approved) at the place of application.